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About Us

Optimal Wellness is the most comprehensive Medical Wellness Spa in Southwest Florida.

Michelle Ham, ARNP-C, owner of Optimal Wellness in Cape Coral, FL, founded the company because she wanted to make a difference for patients. Michelle has worked in the medical field for over 25 years, starting out as an ER nurse, as well as an ICU nurse before fulfilling her dream becoming a nurse practitioner.

Each step of her journey, she was looking for ways to make a bigger difference for patients she was nursing back to health. As a nurse practitioner, what has given Michelle a tremendous amount of satisfaction is the ability to self-diagnose, treat and heal patients independently.

However, Michelle discovered that her medical experience alone did not help her when she started to experience menopause, and none of her friends in the medical field were able to refer her to a doctor or medical practice that could help with her symptoms holistically.  She found herself going to multiple doctors and taking a plethora of pharmaceuticals ranging from thyroid medicine to hormones and even antidepressants. Worst of all, they weren’t really working. She had always been a healthy, fit woman, but she quickly found herself gaining 50 lbs and feeling horribly ill and bloated. None of the doctors she was seeing were able to help her, and she decided to do what she’s always done and dove deeply into wellness research. She discovered that there are Medspa entities that provided cosmetics, weight loss and hormone therapy, vitamin injections and IV hydration. 

Ultimately what Michelle discovered was, there were very few places women could go to help with their overall menopause symptoms and optimize their health to both look and feel great, and this was also true for men who were experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone and other causes of erectile dysfunction. Michelle used this information to expand her knowledge of integrative health, as well as cosmetic injectables. So Michelle decided to create Optimal Wellness with the idea of using a combination of holistic wellness and medical solutions to have her patients feel and look great inside and out. She never looks at solving a health issue like erectile disfunction by simply providing a pill. She always looks at all the factors that could be causing that problem, from blood flow to hormonal balance, and then she provides therapies that promote natural healing. By providing a combination of products and services, Michelle has transformed people’s lives, their look, and their sexual health.

Michelle is excited to be Southwest Florida’s sexual health expert. While most doctors shy away from sexual health as a topic of conversation, Michelle welcomes that discussion and she’s helped so many men and women regain their sex drive and their love life, saving marriages and helping people also regain their self-esteem. Most importantly, Michelle’s focus with Optimal Wellness is to provide healthy holistic alternatives to rejuvenate healthy tissue, reverse the effects of aging and revive libidos.

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